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✔ Get easy, online access
✔ Available for students, faculty, and staff

✔ Convenient Streaming Plans 

✔ Ability to host and stream the film yourself

✔ One-time payment per plan duration

✔ Access to the study guide and supplementary videos

How does it work?

LC2 Productions offers a digital site license to universities, community colleges, high schools, middle schools, and health organizations for Fentanyl High. You handle the hosting of the video on your organization's or school’s secure server or a third-party server. After you submit the form and pay the licensing fee, LC2 Productions will send you an email with a streaming link and password to the portal.

The Cost

Our one-time license cost is $52 per school or organization to cover streaming costs. Please fill out the Licensing Form on this page and pay the fee by credit card (you will need to fill out a separate form for each school within the same school district).

The Terms


LC2 Productions will offer licensing of Fentanyl High to colleges, community colleges, high schools, middle schools, and health organizations which are able to meet our standards of security and agree to our terms. Before access to the streaming portal is granted, LC2 Productions reserves the right to refuse licensing to any customer. If the licensing fee has been paid online and LC2 Productions refuses licensing, LC2 Productions will promptly refund the fee to the customer.

Discussion Panel Option


If you are interested in booking the teen Director of Fentanyl High, Kyle Santoro, the cast of the film, and/or experts on fentanyl poisoning to distribute Narcan to your students, please contact us at

Initial Preview for Fentanyl High


If you are a school teacher, administrator, health practitioner, or counselor and would like to first preview Fentanyl High prior to streaming, please feel free to contact us at

The Fentanyl High Streaming Brochure


If you are interested in streaming Fentanyl High with the Study Guide and are affiliated with a school, school district, nonprofit organization, or health care facility (hospital harm reduction facility), please fill out this licensing form and submit a multiple venue licensing fee.


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